JEssica and Eric Foust’s Corby Home

Jessica and Eric met 2004 and have been inseparable ever since, even working in the same cubical for awhile. Eric met Jessica in Portland Oregon, Jessica’s hometown but then moving back to South Bend in 2008 into the Corby Home. How residing in Indianapolis the capital City of Indiana Jessica and Eric could not see parting with their first home purchase where their two children were raised. You can see their growth in the basement where we have not painted over the original walls from when we moved in. Instead offering it as a rental to those who wish to visit Eric’s hometown for football, business or leisure. Located near the University of Notre Dame and the Saint Joesph River there is a wonderful journey everywhere.

The home located directly to the west of the Corby home was purchased by Peggy and Milo whom were 90+ years old when Jessica and Eric moved in. They were the first owners of that home, you can see an aerial view of the neighborhood being built in 1948 in our living room. There is a rich history to this home and the homes around it. We hope to offer you an enjoyable stay in a place we called home for over 10 years.